venerdì 7 ottobre 2011

POPI intelligent foldable umbrella

After 4000 years a new umbrella era is come : POPI!
This umbrella solves all the problems related to foldable umbrellas improving comfort and portability.
The handle also works as housing allowing to close the umbrella in it, this brings two advantages:
- handle is larger and more comfortable
- umbrella can be stored anywhere, even when wet

Popi has the same size of a standard umbrella and on the production side has only a small additional cost for the manufacturing of the "handle-housing".
Operation is simple:
just pull the top cap and pull out the umbrella as if it were a common folding umbrella to close it again just do the reverse.

This idea is two years old, making it public I hope to find a company interested in produceing it.

more info and images here