mercoledì 28 dicembre 2011

T3 magazine - Hottest concept tech of 2011

Maybe I will sound boring, but T3 magazine website included my concept Wacom Sketcher inside their chart "Future gadgets : hottest concept tech of 2011".Simply Incredible !

Forse sembrerò noioso, ma il famoso magazine T3 ha pubblicato, includendo il mio concept Wacom Sketcher, la cassifica dei migliori concept tecnologici del 2011. Semplicemente incredibile !

lunedì 26 dicembre 2011

Best of (almost) everything - great 2011 for Givingshape

Year 2011 was a good year for me, but to end it with three products mentioned in the "Best of 2011" was certainly beyond my expectations!
I have already told you about Hyper Touch Guitar included in Yanko Design best of 2011 (with 213000 clicks!), I also discovered that Wacom sketcher finished second in the "best of 2011: Tablet concepts" Designbuzz website, and also Basalto fireplace has placed second in "best of 2011: fireplaces" Hometone website!

Thanks to all!

Il 2011 è stata una buona annata per me, ma finirla con 3 prodotti selezionati in classifiche "best of 2011" va oltre le mie aspettative!
Vi ho già scritto di Hyper Touch Guitar inclusa nella classifica di Yanko Design (con 213000 click), ho anche scoperto che sia Wakom sketcher che Basalto si sono classificati secondi nelle rispettive classifiche dei siti designbuzz e hometone !
Grazie a tutti !

Best of Yanko Design 2011 - Hyper touch Guitar

I am very honored to announce that my Hyper Touch Guitar has been selected among the 50 best projects of 2011 by the famous website Yanko Design ! A very nice way to say goodbye to 2011 !

Sono molto onorato di annunciarvi che la mia Hyper Touch Guitar è stata selezionata tra i 50 migliori progetti del 2011 dal prestigiosissimo sito Yanko Design! Decisamente un bel modo per salutare il 2011!

mercoledì 14 dicembre 2011

Givingshape featured on "Design for" the book of Promoted design website

MagicBeans and Basalto fireplace were featured on "Design for" book, a selection of "will be famous" designers done by Promote Design website. Great december for Givingshape design studio.
MagicBeans e il camino Basalto sono stati pubblicati sul libro "Design for", una selezione di designer che "sranno famosi" operata dal portale web Promote Design. Un grande dicembre per Givingshape !

Givingshape featured on Link Design Magazine !

Pratonzolo and MagicBeans were featured on n.2 of Link Design Magazine !
Pratzonolo e MagicBeans sono stati pubblicati sul n.2 di Link Design Magazine !

giovedì 8 dicembre 2011

Vodafone Classic è un telefono gsm corded dal design moderno e con grande attenzione alla facilità d'uso e di installazione. Come al solito faccio i complimenti al designer di questo bel prodotto ;-)

Vodafone Classic is a corded GSM phone with modern design and great attention to ease of use and installation. As usual, I congratulate the designer of this beautiful product ;-)

giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

Wacom Sketcher, new Givingshape concept !

My new concept is called Sketcher, a tablet especially designed for illustrators and designers who are looking for the best drawing experience.
Even though common tablets allow to use graphical softwares, they do not grant neither accuracy nor pressure levels sensitivity.Sketcher is based on Wacom know-how, who is the world leader in professional graphic devices.
Thanks to its light weight Sketcher can be used everywhere as a real sketchpad, the 8 quick buttons can be programmed with the preferred functions, and the jogdial allow to turn or zoom the canvas without changing tablet position.Sketcher has a simmetrical design so it can be used also by lefthand people.
find more images on my behance portfolio :